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Oracle Investment Group (OIG) is a venture capital firm with a distinctive focus on the domains of decentralized finance, metaverse development, blockchain gaming, and the intricate infrastructure that underpins these domains. At the core of our investment strategy lies the recognition that community and connectivity are integral components of success in the crypto market.

Drawing on our prolific history of investing in this market since 2017, we have come to understand the critical role that limited partners (LPs) play in our success. LPs, who are high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors, bring invaluable expertise, knowledge, and capital to our investment philosophy. The alignment of our investment strategies with the expertise and track record of our LPs is a key component of our investment strategy.

We believe that our investment strategy should involve investing in liquid cryptocurrencies on the secondary market and early-stage funding rounds. However, we do not limit ourselves to merely providing financial support to our partners. Rather, we strive to offer a robust support system that encompasses liquidity, token economics, market making, marketing, and most importantly, the integration of our partners into our extensive network of exceptional projects.

In this way, we enable our partners to form crucial relationships that can amplify their reach and help them achieve their goals. 

We see ourselves not only as investors but also as facilitators of success, providing our partners with the tools and support necessary to thrive in the dynamic world of crypto investment.



Our research time looks for vitally solid projects, use-case, and a real positive impact in the industry. 


We are continually establishing new partnerships with big players in the blockchain industry. It will benefit our investors and projects.


We have been in this industry for a long time! We can connect your project with the right people.


No project can launch or thrive without the right metrics! 


We can help your project with marketing to elevate
your project to the next level and achieve higher success.


OIG has been in the blockchain world for an extended period; hence we continuously share our passion with the most promising projects and firms.


We have our inhouse developers ready to help 
analyze and interpret code and ease project development.


We can help your project with guidance and planning


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